Services to Support Local 802 Member Musicians

ABOUT_BCranshawThe Local 802 Musicians’ Emergency Relief Fund is a non-profit 501(c)(3) administered by the Musicians’ Assistance Program (MAP). A New York State licensed social worker provides confidential social services to members and their families. It is funded by the Musicians’ ERF and administered by the Actors Fund.

MAP Services Include:

  • Crisis intervention and short-term counseling
  • Early identification, referral, and comprehensive follow-up for alcohol and/or drug dependence
  • Professional consultation and referral for personal, career, family and relationship issues
  • Support groups that address the concerns of working musicians
  • Financial assistance from Local 802’s ERF and other foundations committed to helping musicians in need
  • Advocacy and referral for legal aid, affordable health insurance, health services, housing and public entitlements such as Social Security, Medicare and other forms of public assistance

The Musicians’ ERF needs the sustaining support of music lovers and patrons of the arts to ensure that no deserving member goes without aid in times of crisis. Your tax-deductible contribution will ensure that the music will play on!