Application Instructions

Musicians’ Assistance Program – Local 802

ERF Work Cancellation Assistance

Due to the high volume of applications the Actors Fund is currently receiving and to prevent fraudulent claims, the process to file for aid through the Musicians’ Assistance Program has changed. It is also taking up to two weeks to process applications. Please see details below.

You must fill out this online application. To apply, you must have proof of Active Local 802 membership with current Paid Through date, a cancellation notice, and two documents verifying your identity. (Suggested documents include your most recent bank statement, a current lease, rent statement, or mortgage/maintenance statement.) Make sure you have digital copies or scans of the requested documents ready; at the end of the application, you will be asked to upload them. Visit this page to see the Actors Fund’s tips for making your application process easy.

Program Description

Local 802 American Federation of Musicians has contracted with The Actors Fund to provide a free, confidential Musicians’ Assistance Program for its members and their families. The Musicians’ Assistance Program (MAP) goal is to provide the support that will help Local 802 members to perform with the highest artistry and productivity, while minimizing any interruption to their work.

Services include:

  • Short-term counseling, support and referrals to help address a wide range of personal, family and work issues including stress, depression, anxiety, family pressures, marital and relationship difficulties, domestic violence and bereavement.
  • Assessment and referrals for substance abuse or addiction to a wide variety of treatment programs such as detoxification, inpatient rehabilitation, halfway houses, sober living houses and outpatient treatment programs. In addition, our social workers can work with family members, partners or friends in dealing with the effects of addiction.
  • Information and referral to community resources for such concerns as childcare, elder care, public and community benefits, financial assistance, and legal services.
  • All referrals take into account insurance benefits and any financial constraints.
  • Work/life seminars on such topics as financial management, health insurance and access to health care.


All members of Local 802 and their families are eligible to receive these services.


For more information, please contact our Intake Unit:

212.221.7300 ext. 119
Answered between 9:30 – 5:00
Response within 24 hours (though now the wait time might be longer)

For emergencies on evenings and weekends only, call 212.621.7780.

Tamar Shapiro